Watch Gabi’s Revenge for Lewan During Clasico

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See how Gabi took revenge on Robert Lewandowski for Barcelona youngster during last night’s El Clasico win over Real Madrid.

Franck Kessie’s stoppage-time winner for Barcelona Against Real Madrid in the El Clasico, the La Liga title could have been secured for Xavi Kessie’s side, who scored a 92nd minute goal at Camp Nou to give his side a 2-1 victory as Last night. They were 12 points clear of their rivals with just 12 games remaining, with the Whites taking the lead through Ronald’s own goal. Araujo in the 9th minute.

Watch Gabi's Revenge for Lewan During Clasico

          But the home side was able to equalize before the first half from the rhythm of Rafinha Spinning the ball with the left, blocking the defensive line, Real Madrid bounced into the way of Sergi Roberto, collecting work with the right curve, avoiding Thibaut Courtois’ hand. Tung netting. The second half was a fierce game with distribution 7 yellow cards in the span of 90 minutes and it looks like both sides ended up splitting the points. But in the end it was Kessie who scored the winning goal in stoppage time.

         Is the winning streak over? Many people think that might be the UFABET case. Instead, we will focus on the intensity during the game in the clash between the two teams. As mentioned, seven yellow cards appeared throughout the match with numerous clashes between players on both sides. One of the players who didn’t receive a yellow card was Gabi. The daring 18-year-old never feared getting a yellow card and he did just that on Sunday.

          There was one moment when he pushed Dani Carvajal, who escaped the referee’s sight. But let’s focus on how he tackles Dani Ceballos without the ball. By that rhythm Ceballos had some problems with Robert Lewandowski, something that Gabi noticed. And to take revenge, Gabi dashed into Ceballos despite where the ball is not in the radius of both of them at all This event caused the White King midfield to fall to the floor.

          After the game, Xavi said that the title race was not over yet. “The league has not yet decided. But of course it’s a big win ′′ Barcelona coach said ′′ 12 games left, we still don’t feel like a champion ′′ I think we deserved to win. And we are better than Real Madrid, we create more chances. It’s one step forward and I’m very happy with the players,” and those thoughts were echoed by the team’s goalscorer, Roberto.

          “You can’t say that. [The title race] is over but we’re 12 points ahead now so it’s going to be difficult for them,” he said. “It’s up to us and that’s the most important thing. I’m just happy to help the team by scoring goals. It was drama towards the end and I was delighted that Franck scored. “The game turned around when we thought Asensio scored. But it turned out to be offside and we managed to score. It feels better when you win with a late goal. And it was wonderful to do it in front of our supporters.”