The story of Toni Kroos and his favorite shoes that are said to be more effective on the field than for the team

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  • Toni Kroos is known for taking great care of his shoes.
  • The 35-year-old German midfielder is set to hang up his boots with Real Madrid after Euro 2024.
  • Throughout the past, he has had great success with the White King.
The story of Toni Kroos and his favorite shoes that are said to be more effective on the field than for the team

Toni Kroos is one of the most successful footballers in the ufabet world. “White King” Real Madrid, which recently this German midfielder announced that he would be hanging up his boots with the team already.

He has left many contributions to the club, such as winning the Spanish La Liga 4 times, including 4 UEFA Champions League titles , which may increase to a 5th time if Real Madrid can beat Borussia. Ortmund in the upcoming finals.

However, this 35-year-old player has weapons with him that he has been using on the field for a long time. Which is “Adidas Adipure 11 pro” the most classic shoes that he has been wearing since 2013.

Today 90min will take everyone to see the secrets that Toni Kroos has used to take care of his beloved shoes for more than 10 years. Follow them here.

secret trick

“ Shoes are the most important thing for me on the field. It is more important for other players ,” Toni Kroos said.

As reported by @AzrOrganization has revealed the secret to the newness of this pair of shoes, which is ” attention. ” He revealed that he actually cleans the shoes. After every training and match, Toni Kroos said: “My shoes? The truth is that it’s a little special. I have never seen a player at Real Madrid who cleans his boots every day and prepares his boots like I do.”

“My football boots are the most important thing. When I put them on the field, I have to play with white shoes. That’s a little off-putting to me. Even the slightest bit of dirt can disturb your concentration. That is why I clean and care for my shoes myself.”

former teammates “The White King” like Gareth Bale has spoken about the care of this German midfielder, saying:

“Toni Kroos defends his classic AdiPure shoes. (The shoes he’s been wearing since 2013) so much so that he had to clean them himself. We think he doesn’t trust people to take care of his cleaning equipment. So he always cleans himself to make the shoes perfect,” Gareth Bale said.

However, Toni Kroos is preparing to end his beloved boots by officially announcing his retirement. This midfielder has been playing with Real Madrid since moving from Bayern Munich in 2014, leading the team to win La Liga and the UEFA Champions League four times. He is also a member of the German national team. The 2014 World Cup winning team

Toni Kroos posted on Instagram: “My ambition is to end his football career on a high note I am happy and proud Where in my heart I found the right moment to make a decision. and can choose it by yourself.”

“I have always said that Real Madrid is and will be my last club. After 10 years, at the end of the season The story has come to an end. I will never forget this successful moment,” said Toni Kroos.