Roulette formula great formula to win luck

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One of the games to measure your luck that gamblers around the world say that if your luck is not lucky enough, no matter how good you play. You won’t win. With a wheel of up to 37 numbers spinning. We have to predict which box the ball thrown by the dealer will land. Although it is difficult to win, but the fun from the various betting styles makes many people help each other to think about roulette formulas. Until they get the most popular 10-row roulette formula. online casino It has 3 ways to use it:

  1. Bet on 3 numbers, 10 rows , with this formula, if we win. There will be a payout rate of 11 times and a return of 20% of the bet. From the betting table, numbers are divided into 12 rows, 3 numbers per row. But we will bet at the same time in 10 rows to increase our chances of winning. Assume that we bet 10 baht per row, 10 rows cost 100 baht. If winning, will get a profit of 20 baht.
  2. Bet on 6 numbers in 5 rows, this formula is similar to bet on 3 numbers, only changing to 6 numbers at the same time to increase the chances of winning. Although the payout rate is 5 times, but if we bet 5 rows of 20 baht per row for 100 baht. We can make a profit of 20 baht as well.
  3. Bet on 2 zones and hunchback 3 numbers in 2 more rows. Let us bet on the favorite zone first, which zone to take, choose 2 zones (1 zone will have 12 numbers in a row), then bet on 3 hunchback numbers in 2 more rows. This means that we bet on 10 lines. This type of bet pays 2 times for zone bets and 11 times for 3 hover bets.
Roulette formula great formula to win luck

Hi-Lo or Sic-Bo recipes of foreigners

If anyone has the opportunity to play online casino Outside things don’t have to look for the UFABET word Hi Low because they call Sic Bo. placing bets Anyone who has a background from Hi-Lo band near home is not difficult. all the same Both three dice with a translucent shaking device, so the popular Hi-Lo formula is not the even/odd formula that is easy to use. see results faster than other formulas Here’s how to use it:

  1. If Hi-Lo comes out high (11-17), the next round bets on pairs.
  2. If the dice comes out low (4-10), the next round bet is odd.