PSG set to appoint Enrique as new manager next week

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PSG set to sign ex-Barcelona and Spain coach Luis Enrique To take the job instead of Christophe Galtier, who led the team to the 16th round of the UCL team, despite winning the โปรโมชั่น ufabet league. An official announcement is expected next week.

L’Equipe, the famous media in France, reports that Paris Saint-Germain The French Ligue 1 giants are close to appointing former Spain coach Luis Enrique as their new manager next week. Although the negotiations are still some details that need to be resolved. But it’s positive. And it is expected that an agreement can be reached soon.

PSG set to appoint Enrique as new manager next week

The process of recruiting a new boss to replace Christophe Galtier continues. Although there has not been an announcement of the release of the official from the position, but it is expected to wait for someone to replace him first. After leading the team to failure in the UEFA Champions League , which is the cup they want the most. By doing the best only in the last 16 teams only

After a period of searching, L’Equipe stated that the former Barcelona head coach had emerged as a new favorite. And the club is close to reaching an agreement in negotiations. Although there are still a few details left to be finalized. But the famous team in the capital is confident that they will reach an agreement. And hope to announce Enrique as the new head coach next week.

In the past, the Ligue 1 champion has been considered. Many top trainers, including Julian Nagelsmann Former Bayern Munich team manager , believing that there was a smooth conversation while both sides were in Doha, Qatar, but later the energetic young coach I withdrew from the deal. for failing to agree on some important details

However, there are also Sergio Conceicao and Marcelo Gallardo, who PSG contacted on Saturday as additional options. If the final details of the talks with Enrique have stalled,  the club’s sporting director Luis Campos has also approached Arsenal’s head coach Mikel Arteta. L too, but was rejected back