Messi walks straight down tunnel after being booed by PSG fans during Rennes defeat

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Lionel Messi Superstar 7 Ballon d’Or of Paris Saint-Germain Walked straight into the tunnel after the French Ligue 1 game in which his side suffered a shock 2-0 defeat at Rennes last night.

The 2022-23 French Ligue 1 football match last night. Paris Saint-Germain, the top team, opened at the Parc des Princes to receive the visit of Rae. Nes the 6th team in the table, the results showed that Rennes made a surprise attack to beat PSG to the homeland 2-0 with goals from Karl Togo Egombi in the 45th minute and Arnold Kalimu. Endo in the 48th minute, as a result of the above match, PSG had 66 points as before. Continue to lead the crowd, while Rennes has added 50 points to rank 5.

Messi walks straight down tunnel after being booed by PSG fans during Rennes defeat

          After the game, Lionel Messi appeared to hide from Paris fans. Saint-Germain and went straight down the tunnel after his team was defeated. The World Cup winner, linked with a move away from the club, was the target of boos from home supporters before the UFABET game kicked off at the Parc des Princes. FIFA’s best But the PSG cheerleaders The seventh Ballon d’Or star appeared to be unhappy with his exit from the Champions League earlier than expected. And they expressed their feelings clearly by booing after Messi’s name was announced on the pitch before kick-off.

   After a lackluster performance for the reigning champions that cost them their fourth league defeat this season Messi was in no mood to stay. While the rest of the teammates applauded the PSG supporters. But Messi walked towards the tunnel alone. Before the camera pans back to Kylian Mbappe and the rest of the pitch, from the look on his face it’s hard to tell what’s on his mind.

   Manager Christophe Galtier defended his players. “My players give everything they have,” he said at his post-match press conference. “Let’s put him in our minds. Eight of my players couldn’t play and in the dressing room there were players from the academy who they trained once or twice with the team,” he added: “You Can’t accuse my players of lacking commitment. it’s not true You can understand that when you are 2-0 behind Rennes you don’t have many options. And there are many players missing. Causing may have to surrender to the situation “

 Will Messi stay at PSG? There have been rumors circulating recently. Messi left training with PSG early after being unhappy with Galtier’s coaching, but sources close to the Argentine star denied these allegations. It said he had withdrawn from training after experiencing discomfort in his leg muscles. However, there are growing concerns over the striker’s future. Especially with his contract expiring at the end of the season.