Get to know Chelsea’s new manager “Enzo Maresca”

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  • Enzo Maresca set to be unveiled as Chelsea’s new manager
  • He made his name as the former right-hand man of great manager Pep Guardiola.
  • Last year, he did an excellent job leading Leicester City to successfully being promoted back to the top leagu
Get to know Chelsea's new manager "Enzo Maresca"

After Chelsea announced their separation from Mauricio Pochettino with the consent of both parties. Which caused the club to find a new manager again.

Most recently last night, Fabrizio Romano, a reliable media outlet, published news about a new manager coming to Chelsea, namely “Enzo Maresca”, the man who led Le. Leinster City emerges as champions and returned to the Premier League not long ago

However, most Singha Bull football fans may not have heard of this man’s name. So today 90min would like to take everyone to see the new manager, who he is, where he comes from, and how he came to be before he ended up at Stamford Bridge.

Former Zebra player

Enzo Maresca grew up through Cagliari’s academy in his hometown of Italy before making his debut for the first team with West Bromwich Albion. Aged 18 years, who moved to play football in England in the beginning. He faced many difficulties, especially the language, but it didn’t take him long to adapt.

In 2000, Maresca returned to his hometown of Italy again, ready to play for giants like Juventus, but played only 58 games before being loaned out to Bologna and Piasen. Na and Fiorentina respectively.

The turning point came in 2005 when Maresca moved to Sevilla, becoming the club he stayed with for the longest time. And had the most success, including 2 UEFA Cup titles, 1 Copa del Rey, 1 Super Copa, and 2 UEFA Super Cups. Played since 2009, went to Olympiacos, then Malaga, Sampdoria, Palermo, until 2017, just ended his football career with Verona.

Manager’s role

After retiring in 2017, Maresca immediately became a coach. Having worked with great coaches like Carlo Ancelotti, Manuel Pellegrini and Pep Guardiola, this was an important turning point that made Maresca become Becoming a famous manager until now is that he used to manage Manchester City U23 until he led the team to win the Premier League 2 before moving to manage Parma for a period and returning to Manchester. Manchester City again as Pep Guardiola’s assistant

“Maresca has Guardiola’s style of play, so much so that he always attracts attention. He can make that style successful. That’s what he did with Leicester,” said Leicester reporter Jordan Blackwell.

This manager has a lot of knowledge in him from having worked with many legendary managers until he received an offer to manage Leicester City, who were relegated last season. Of course, this is a big test of himself that will make him grow even more in the managerial path.

Maresca completed his professional license in 2019 with a thesis titled ‘ Football and Chess ‘ as one of the methods of dealing with it. and manage his That the situation must be adjusted according to what is happening in different ways.

“There are many similarities between the two games. Competitors will do certain things in certain ways. which I have to observe and adjust according to the situation,” Maresca said.

Even though there was a period of crisis, the performance was so bad that it lost the leader position. But in the end, with quality and tactics, Leicester City returned to the top league again. Accompanied by the championship title

A matter of tactics

As for the tactics that Maresca uses, he mainly adheres to the 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 systems, which can be changed as appropriate in each game. But the roadmap remains clear. And of course, Maresca’s close relationship with great manager. Pep Guardiola has led him to use a strategy similar to his time as assistant coach at Manchester City: ” Inverted full- back ” which is the left-right back. Gobble in to play the ball in the middle.

As for the defensive game, the central area will use a pair of midfielders to coordinate play with the center half pair to prevent counterattacks by the opponent. Or maybe if the right-back fills in high He moved the left back to join as another center half.

“The fact that we tried to get the full-backs inside helped the defence. Because during the time when we lost the ball. We will have five players (three defenders and two defensive midfielders) who will be able to defend our counter-attacks.”

These are some of the tactics that Maresca chose to use with Leicester City last season. And of course, if he moves to Chelsea that has good raw materials. and chose to use them more than during the old team. We may see a new and unusual style of playing for the Singha Bulls. But of course with the Blue Lions, time, patience, and expectations are different from the time he was in charge of Leicester. We have to see what the first thing is. Will I be able to keep this chair until the end of the season?