Arsenal 6-0 Lens: Issues after the UEFA Champions League game. The Gunners opened fire without rest and advanced to the next round.

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The Gunners emerged guaranteed to advance to the group championship after defeating the visitors from France 6-0 at home, clearing the eyes of the first game with a beautiful success.

Arsenal 6-0 Lens: Issues after the UEFA Champions League game. The Gunners opened fire without rest and advanced to the next round.

The game was over after the first half hour.

This game, many Arsenal fans are secretly afraid before the game starts. Because there is a picture of the performance in the first match where Lens surprised Arsenal 2-1. Which must be praised by Miguel Arteta, who today laid down the pieces and did his homework excellently. Opening the game to attack. Lightning style until taking the lead quickly from the 13th minute, plus after getting the second goal in the 21st minute. The visiting team almost lost zero until they hit three and four goals in just 6 minutes after that. Of course, they were hit hard from the beginning of the โปรโมชั่น ufabet game like this. The visiting players themselves almost let go of their joy until it became Arsenal who controlled the entire game. The type that many football fans almost went to sleep from the first 30 minutes.

6 goals from 6 players

In this game, the Arsenal players seemed to be especially united because of the 6 goals that were scored. They were divided among the 6 players, consisting of Kai Havertz, Gabriel Jesus, Bukayo, Saka Gaberi. Joel Martinelli, Martin Ödegaard and Jorginho. They also set a record for being the first team in European football to have five players score within 45 minutes.

The real Tomiyasu

Is one of the truly golden players at this time of Arsenal “Tomi-kun” Takehiro Tomiyasu who has now successfully taken over the starting position in the right-back position. Which is guaranteed by excellent performance with diligence in the defensive game. And also tireless running to add to the offensive game. Moreover, his opening goal in this match was able to accurately turn into 2 goals for the team. Therefore, seeing it like this, Ben White himself. Even after recovering from his injury, may have to sit and wait for a long time.

The Gunners are guaranteed group champions.

The 3 points in this game for both Arsenal and PSV resulted in Group B having 2 teams that have officially entered the round of 16 without having to wait for the final results, that is, Arsenal, the group champion, and PSV entered second, even though Lens will be able to level with PSV on points but being second in head-to-head means the best they can do now is maintain third place. The final game between Lens and Sevilla will be the game that will decide who will go on to the play-offs in the UEFA Europa League.